Who would have thought? This isn’t even worth commenting on:

Under the Name of a Senate Hopeful, Blog Posts on Sex and Drugs from The New York Times. It seems TheLadders CEO Marc Cenedella is getting ready to run for U.S. Senate on a Republican ticket.

My favorite parts:

“Until recently, a Web site, blog.theladders.com/rock, bore Mr. Cenedella’s photograph and the title “The personal blog of Marc Cenedella.” It provided tips on polishing resumes, preparing for job interviews and the like. But it also had a number of entries containing random observations about sex, women and drugs…”

“The entries had headlines like “Sexy vs. Skanky,” “Dating Advice for Girly Girls,” “He Stole My Weed” and “High Quality Dope.””

“In an entry titled “A New Holiday for Men,” there was a link to a separate site that designates March 14 as a special occasion on which women are encouraged to offer steak and oral sex “to show your man how much you care for him.””

“An adviser said the entries were from a site that Mr. Cenedella previously published called Stone…  which the adviser said had multiple authors.”

You mean TheLadders CEO didn’t actually write all the drivel he took credit for on his blog???

Oh… I also liked this part:

“Part of Mr. Cenedella’s appeal within Republican circles is that he is a nonpolitician at time when voters seem weary of insiders. Republicans also believe that Mr. Cenedella’s business success allows him to present himself as the candidate most able to help the nation in these tough economic times.”

“More than all that, though, some Republicans are encouraged by another asset Mr. Cenedella brings: a big checkbook.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Mr. Cenedella’s behavior has been exposed online.

Mr. Cenedella’s references:

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[Update: The Huffington Post provides screen shots of the personal blog posts Cenedella removed when his blog made the news.]

[See also: A Painful Online Personal Brand.]

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  1. We can always count on you to provide the latest dirt on the Ladders. Thanks for keeping us in the loop Nick.

  2. I guess if you put together the words “liar, scammer, thief and bullshi**er” he will make a good politician. Perhaps he’s in his element after all?

  3. I love it. This may set some sort of record for denial by a politician before he ever gets to be one.

    ” I didn’t write that stuff, even if I had my picture on it and my name and I sent to millions of people and promoted it as my personal blog.”

    So i assume that since you now say it wasn’t you, you fooled all those folks who spent money and time paying you and reading your blog that was not your blog.

    Maybe he should do a campaign tv commercial without his shirt on,wrapped with cable, rolling around on the floor or sticking his leg in the air lying on a desk with, “ooh, la,la ” soundtracked..

    I hope he gets that nasty commercial shoved right back down his throat so he can deny he ever ran it or didn’t know anything about it. Must have been a “guest” ad agency whom someone else paid.

    I look forward to seeing those attack ads. DC is dumb enough to pay the ladders. Think of all those folks who are going to need a job after Nov.

  4. Republican, Democrat or Independant, we as Americans owe it to each other to expose this narcissistic behavior in prospective politians as early as possible. Especially, before they start to get a foothold in politics.

    Once again Nick, you done good!