America’s Employment System is broken. Everything you know about job hunting and hiring is wrong. Throw away your resume or job description and Ask The Headhunter®.

I’m Nick Corcodilos, author of the bestselling Ask The Headhunter: Reinventing The Interview to Win The Job (Penguin/Plume) — I’m a headhunter and management consultant and I’m here to help you. Check out my newest books, available as PDF downloads:

Since 1995, I’ve been here, online, revealing the fallacies that conspire to keep talented workers and good employers apart — and openly sharing the headhunter’s sound, profitable methods for getting them together. I’ve answered over 40,000 questions from readers at every level of almost every line of work

Forget luck. Forget what “human resources experts” have taught you. It’s all bureaucratic bunk. No one wins (or fills) a job by following “the steps” dictated by America’s defunct Employment System. Today, job hunters succeed by beating the System: by knowing how to handle the daunting make-or-break challenges they encounter, to stand out from their competition.

(Sez who? Well, for example, 30 of the top Executive MBA Schools around the world. And lots of folks who’ve used Ask The Headhunter to get ahead: Check out their comments.)

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