Nick Corcodilos is the host of Ask The Headhunter® and author of

Nick is also the author of Ask The Headhunter: Reinventing The Interview to Win The Job, the #1-selling interview guide on Amazon for 26 consecutive months, published in the U.S., the U.K., Taiwan, China, and Brazil. (This book is no longer in print)

Nick started headhunting in one of America’s most competitive job markets: California’s Silicon Valley. Using the methods described in his books, in the ATH Newsletter and on the ATH website, he has helped people win management and staff jobs in companies including IBM, GE, Hewlett-Packard and Merrill Lynch.

Recognized Around The World

What do powerhouse Executive MBA schools like UCLA, Wharton, Harvard, Cornell (click links for audio), INSEAD, and Northwestern have in common? Nah… not just pricey tuitions! Their EMBAs turn to Ask The Headhunter for advice about How to stand out in the talent glut, and How to work with headhunters… and without them. Get in on the insider tips, and get an edge!

Nick’s weekly Ask The Headhunter column on PBS NewsHour reveals the controversies in the employment market and tackled the obstacles faced by real job seekers — and employers — around the world.

Featured in The Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, USA Today, The New York Times, Fast Company, Working Woman, on CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and New York Public Radio, Nick’s iconoclastic techniques for job search, hiring and career development are used by job hunters and employers alike.

Publishers including Adobe Systems (, IDG, CNet, CMP Media, and have licensed Nick’s work for use by their millions of members in the fields of information technology and electronics engineering. Ask The Headhunter features have also been distributed worldwide by Universal Press Syndicate.

The Ask The Headhunter approach to job hunting and hiring has been recognized by management gurus including Peter Drucker and Tom Peters.

President of North Bridge Group LLC, Nick Corcodilos has been retained by companies including AT&T, Merrill Lynch, Becton Dickinson, and Procter & Gamble to teach managers to recruit and hire more effectively, and to help groom employees for promotions and career transition. Companies using his books as a hiring tool include Disney, Marriott, Microsoft, Merrill Lynch and the U.S. Government.

The Insider’s Edge

A few years ago Nick decided to take headhunting to a higher plane. Through his Be Your Own Headhunter and Fearless Job Hunting workshops he teaches companies how to hire the right workers by ignoring the wrong applicants, and he teaches job hunters how to (1) forget about resumes, (2) go on fewer interviews, and (3) win the right job by delivering profit in an interview.

Ask The Headhunter Online

The Headhunter has personally replied to over 50,000 questions from job hunters and employers alike. How does he do it? He types very, very fast…

Learn the basics of Nick’s approach; read his detailed Q&A columns featuring the very real problems and challenges faced by real, live job seekers and employers every day; and then hit him up with your own questions. Nick is here to help you.


Ask The Headhunter — the book and the online forum — has garnered praise from around the world. Management guru Tom Peters calls Ask The Headhunter “a radical aproach to help job hunters win job offers and a powerful hiring tool for employers… Nick Corcodilos shreds some of our most basic assumptions about the way to hire top people — or to get hired. No manager can afford to miss what he has to say.” And job hunters like James A. Wick, a manager at Intel, are saying, “Thanks! I got the job — with your help!” To read what the rest of Nick’s audience says, click here.

About The Headhunter

Nick Corcodilos is president of North Bridge Group LLC. He holds a Bachelors Degree (Phi Beta Kappa) from Rutgers College where he was a Henry Rutgers Scholar, and a Masters in Cognitive Psychology from Stanford University (where his academic bent was quickly corrupted by the Biz School and Silicon Valley). He plays music (keyboard and guitar), and enjoys Chi Gung and T’ai Chi, backpacking and kayaking. He loves his work, but would rather be in Alberta climbing big rocks.

The Books

Fearless Job Hunting: Overcome the daunting obstacles that stop other job hunters dead in their tracks
How you cope with these obstacles will make or break your job search, no matter how good your resume is, how clever your interview answers are, or how many jobs you’ve applied for. This series of 9 books (and the Complete Collection) includes 96 myth-busting Q&A topics that Nick has taught to Executive MBA students at UCLA, Cornell, Harvard and other top schools, and to corporations, professional associations, career coaches, sales people, IT professionals, college students and people in almost every line of work. Get the edge — and say hello to total control over your job search.

How to Work with Headhunters… and how to make headhunters work for you
Nick’s insider look at headhunters breaks with convention and reveals how headhunters operate and how you can profit from working with the good ones. The book also shows you how to distinguish good headhunters from the unsavory ones who waste your time, don’t return your calls, and don’t know what they’re doing…

How Can I Change Careers?
This “Answer Kit” reveals an unconventional new direction for people seeking new careers. Dispensing with age-old assumptions about how to grovel for a new job, Nick shows how to prepare to demonstrate how you will contribute to a company’s success by applying old skills in new, profitable ways.

Keep Your Salary Under Wraps
Revealing your salary history to an employer might be the worst mistake you ever make! This iconoclastic Answer Kit is about how to get paid what you’re worth, without letting an employer use your old salary to cap a job offer. Nick shows you how to say NO — and how to prompt higher salary offers from employers who will judge you by what you can do, not by what someone else paid you

Ask The Headhunter: Reinventing The Interview to Win The Job
No longer in print.

The New Interview Instruction Book: A guide to winning job offers using proven techniques developed by headhunters
The book that started it all in its original edition before Penguin Putnam bought the rights and reissued it as Ask The Headhunter, which is no longer in print. Limited quantities available.

The Newsletter

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Speaking Engagements

Nick Corcodilos is a popular and engaging speaker on topics ranging from job search and internal career development to effective hiring strategies. His audiences have included professional associations, Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, the top 30 MBA schools from around the world, and the US Army Corps of Engineers. For more information or to inquire about scheduling Nick to speak at your organizational function, please send a request.

Content Licensing

Ask The Headhunter features and columns are syndicated in both niche and general media markets and publications. Click here to learn more about putting Ask The Headhunter in your publication or on your web site.

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