This popular new feature is a way to talk with me — Nick Corcodilos — directly.

  • Are you job hunting and running into daunting obstacles?
  • Are you a manager trying to hire more effectively?
  • Maybe you work in the C-suite or HR and would like new perspectives on recruiting and hiring.
  • Sometimes you have a question or problem too detailed for the newsletter, or it’s confidential.

I’m not a counselor, nor do I want to be. I will not hold your hand through a job search or consult to you for a year. Talk to Nick enables you to ask me specific questions in short conversations privately via telephone. The objective is to leave you with specific actions you can take immediately to tackle the challenges you face.

Fee for a full hour: $285 for individuals, $365 for companies.

How it works: E-mail me your Talk to Nick request in 50 words or less. Tell me what your problem is, and what you need help with. It may take one or two back-and-forth e-mails between us to clarify your needs so that I can determine whether I can help you. (I do not accept all requests.) If I think I can help, I will e-mail you to arrange time to talk. Payment: Via PayPal or major credit card. For now, this service is available only to U.S. subscribers.

“My phone call with you was the best money I ever spent. It will return tens of thousands of dollars for me over the next few years and probably hundreds of thousands over my lifetime.” -Jeremy Gorr

“Hi Nick – Just would like to thank you for the tips you offered. I went into two interviews the following day and got an offer within the week! Needless to say, your strategy works! I also would like to thank you for how emotionally aware you are and how you can pinpoint the emotional and psychological issues in the job search process. I greatly appreciate that you are always going an extra mile to help people make the changes they need to make to be more successful in their professional lives.” -Ruowei Yang

“I don’t know how to thank you for the time today. I would have been delighted to pay more! The excellent strategies you suggested are totally practical and do-able. I love the ‘triangulation’ concept and, yes, it absolutely gives me a way to rationally structure my approaches to the opportunities I’m working on.” -Patrice Robertie

“Nick, The biggest thing that stuck out to me was the idea of simply talking shop to people, and not even mentioning that I’m looking for a job. It didn’t take much of that before I made friends with a lot of new people and was able to land a job with one of them. Thanks!” -Dan Crookston

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