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Job Hunting & Hiring Advice

If you want to submit a job search or hiring question to Nick Corcodilos (The Headhunter), please feel free to drop a note. Nick’s advice to you may appear in the Ask The Headhunter Newsletter or on the website. Your name will not be used unless it is with your permission. Obviously, Nick cannot answer all questions submitted.

Due to the huge volume of mail he receives, Nick cannot reply privately. If he did, he’d have no time to write for Ask The Headhunter, to answer the phone, talk to his clients, have a cookie or get a cup of coffee.

If you really need private advice, please check this service: Talk to Nick.

You’ll find Nick’s advice in his many articles and Q&A columns here on the Ask The Headhunter website and in the free weekly e-mail Ask The Headhunter Newsletter.

Comments & Suggestions

If you’re writing with a comment or a suggestion, or or just to tell us what you think of Ask The Headhunter, then please e-mail here. Nick welcomes your comments! (Please be sure to mention which specific part of ATH you’re writing about.)

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Business & Editorial Matters

You may also e-mail here about Nick Corcodilos’ consulting services (at North Bridge Group LLC), about asking him to speak at an event, about media interviews, about an idea for an article for ATH, or about any other business matters.

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