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right company

Is this the right company for me?

Question When I consider doing an interview or accepting a job offer, I’ve always just picked what felt best, but how should a person decide? The money and the job…

salary range law

Salary Range Law: Will it help you?

Question New laws in New York and California require employers to include the salary range of a job in job ads. Theoretically this will help applicants apply for jobs that…

unethical company

How do I explain I quit an unethical company?

Question I am currently employed full-time and grateful to have a job. I am in the finance department of a small but unethical company which has no accountability, multiple “hands…

free work

Doing free work to earn a job interview

Question I know you have addressed this in the past but it’s the first time I’ve encountered an employer that wants me to do free work to earn a job…

career coach

You paid that career coach HOW MUCH?

Question My question relates to these firms that allege to provide an executive career coach who will work with you to help you attain higher positions with higher earnings within…

change careers

How can I change careers mid-stream?

The first edition of the Ask The Headhunter newsletter was published 20 years ago. This was the Q&A column subscribers received via e-mail on September 20, 2002. I haven’t changed…

liberal arts

Liberal arts degree: Asset or albatross?

Question In your experience, is a broad liberal arts background an asset or an albatross? (I know, I know, I’m grossly glossing over differences in markets, technologies, regional employment issues,…

I really want this job

I really want this job!

Question How long should I wait before checking in on a late-stage interview process that’s gone silent? I’m interviewing for a top software engineering management role after being asked to…

career choice

How to make a tough job or career choice

Question I really can’t decide between two good job offers that require a career choice. Each would take me deep into a career dramatically different from the other. I’ve done…

job search problem

Open Mic: What’s your job search problem?

Special Edition I started Ask The Headhunter many years ago as an “open mic” and invited anyone with a job search problem (as well as managers, HR, and recruiters with…

use a job offer to get a raise

Should I use a job offer to get a raise?

Question Can I use a job offer to get a raise out of my employer? After 22 years of military service, I’ve been working the last 14 months for a…

signing bonus

4 answers about signing bonuses

Question When it rains, it pours! Two of my friends got new jobs and both were offered signing bonuses. Is this common now? I have a few questions about signing bonuses….

before accepting a job offer

Do this before accepting a job offer!

Question It’s always a relief when I get a job offer, but that’s also when I think I’m most vulnerable to accepting a job that maybe I should not. Face…

respect job candidates

9 Rules for Employers: Respect job candidates

Question Okay, Mr. Smarty-pants. You criticize how HR and hiring managers treat applicants. You say we don’t respect job candidates. You seem to think we’re here to baby them and…

give resignation

Give resignation, or get a raise?

Question I haven’t yet joined the “great resignation” but I’m tempted because it’s a good way to get a raise nowadays. I like my job, my boss and my team,…

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