For a while it seemed TheLadders had gotten down off its lame horse, and stopped claiming it offers “ONLY $100k+ jobs.” (If you believe TheLadders really has only $100k+ jobs in its little database, have a look at what its members disclose about their experiences.) Indeed, the “ONLY” has been missing on its home page for quite some time.

Now TheLadders is back with a new commercial that once again teases viewers with “$100k+ jobs” — and the tease reveals the way-down-low pedigree of this sleazy career-industry performer:

The voiceover says, “We don’t just post $100k+ jobs…” And that’s true. They post $75k jobs, $60k jobs, and? less.

What’s not clear from the commercial is, when you pay your money, do you just get screwed, or is Ladders CEO Marc Cenedella also trying to pimp you out appropriately before he puts you out on the street… uh, to do a job interview…

Watch the video. Learn. Pay your money… Assume the attitude. It’s just marketing, and it’s all about whorin’ around with TheLadders.


  1. Three letters: OMG!

  2. Their tennis court ad was a bit amusing, but this? I think it’s time I start looking for work overseas. Nick, you know anyone recruiting old, over-educated white guys for cushy jobs in the UK?

  3. Are they desperate or something?

  4. My guess is TheLadders is sucking wind. This is pure desperation. They tried to save the ship a couple of years ago by shifting from selling job listings to selling resumes. Now they’re slapping lipstick on the pig… Every day Cenedella sends out his carny-barker e-mails. Now this. How much more can he do to insult his customers?

  5. Hey Nick et al,

    Could not agree with you more….I have to say that I thought it quite amusing….but certainly if I was a “client” – then I would be pretty nervous over the professionalism or lack thereof. So that’s where all those 500 dollar resume make overs went…..WTG Cendella….way to pimp yourself out.

  6. Sorry I’m behind on my reading — I think we’re sharing a brain. Andy Lester just sent me your link. Great minds, Nick…

  7. I agree with everything you all are saying, it’s insulting and degrading. But it does capture the “piece of meat” mentality of the job market.

  8. The Ladders has one redeeming value. If you get on their email list, you will get a weekly round-up of short articles on various aspects of job hunting, career development, marketing yourself, etc. Many of those articles are pretty good. That’s the only Ladders thing I bother to read.

  9. Don’t forget – the ads are also sexist and vaguely homophobic. I mean, they hit all the buttons, don’t they?