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Do you know what to do when an employer
asks you to take an employment test?

Employment Tests: Get The Edge
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By Erica Klein
North Bridge Press

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8.5X11, 36 pages.
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Dr. Erica Klein

NEW from Ask The Headhunter!

Taking employment tests without understanding your rights—and how tests work—can be a big mistake!

Employment Tests:
Get The Edge
when you compete for a job
By Dr. Erica Klein

The more you know about tests, the more thoughtfully
you'll approach them--and the tests you take will help
you win the right job!

Myth-busting answers
for fearless job hunters

  • Why do employers really use pre-employment tests?
  • How do pre-employment tests work? 
  • What will help you perform well on tests?
  • How can you Get The Edge when you compete for a job?

Get The Edge
Should you try to psych-out an employment test?
Should you only give answers that you believe the employer wants to hear? The simple answer is an emphatic NO.

But, do you know why? Get The Edge!

Employment Tests: Get The Edge
Myth-busting answers from an insider!

  • Author Erica Klein, Ph.D., has been an employment testing specialist since 1998.
  • Dr. Klein has worked in commercial, non-profit, and government domains.
  • She develops and administers tests (and has taken every type of test in this book herself).
  • Now she's here to help you prepare for your next employment test!

Dr. Klein is an Industrial Psychologist who conducts
and interprets research for employers.

Now she has stepped out of her normal role
to give you the edge!

What kinds of tests will you have to take?
Learn to master:

  • Cognitive Ability Tests
  • Personality Tests
  • Integrity Tests
  • Situational Judgment tests
  • Job Samples

Employment Tests: Get The Edge

  • 36 pages of insights and advice to help you in
    any test encounter.

  • Over 30 references, selected by Dr. Klein, to
    the best websites about employment tests.

  • 23 Get The Edge tips that clarify main ideas
    and remind you where to focus your attention
    when preparing for your next employment test.

  • 12 sidebars, including coaching and guidance about:

    • How to overcome worrying about
      employment tests

    • How to handle intense Assessment
      Center testing.

    • The limits of intelligence testing and
      how it affects you.

    • How to protect your rights.

    • How to ask for the information you need
      before you take a test.

Get The Edge: 4 Key Steps
Don't take any test unprepared!

Do Your Research: Understand how tests work
Enhance your performance
Know your rights
Profit from every testing experience

Employment Tests: Get The Edge shows you how!

Employment Tests: Get The Edge
Have you already lost a great job
because of a test?

Employers have a profile in mind for what it takes to succeed in a job. They use a variety of employment tests to identify and hire someone who best fits that profile of success.

  • Don't take any test unless you know
    how it works!
  • Put yourself in the strongest possible
    position to compete for the job!

"I've included a Crib Sheet in
Emploment Tests: Get The Edge to help you prepare for any test an employer wants to give you. Use it to make sure you've got the edge to do your best every time!"
Dr. Erica Klein

This is a must-have guide for fearless job hunters who want to
Get The Edge On Employment Tests
to get ahead!

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Time to take another employment test ?

Do you know your rights?
> Do you know why employers give those tests?
> Do you know how to perform at your best?

Can you afford not to Get The Edge On Employment Tests ?
$18.95. Get your edge now!

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