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The book that launched Ask The Headhunter
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By Nick Corcodilos
North Bridge Press, 1994


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glossy color cover, 158 pages.
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Note: This book is similar to Nick's later book, Ask The Headhunter: Reinventing the interview to win the job (Penguin Plume, 1997), which is no longer in print.

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"Thanks for making The New Interview Instruction Book available. I bought a copy as soon as you announced it, it arrived quickly, and I finished it in two days. I have been following you and recommending ATH for some time. Even so, The New Interview is right now helping me as I am trying to find a new position -- glad I ordered it! Also, thanks for the hand-written note on the shipping document. Nice to know that you still take that kind of personal interest. If I had ordered The New Interview Instruction Book about three days earlier, I think I may be having a different outcome on my most recent job interview."
Chris Hogg

"I was in an interview process that had bogged down over the wrong things. Your advice to project Iím here to do the work was perfect. I left the manager in shock and had an offer within 12 hours for 10% more than I had expected."
Bruce Jones, Norell, Inc.

"Thanks! I start Monday as the Manager of Environmental Safety & Health for Intelís Oregon site! I got the job -- with your help! Iím excited and grateful."
James A. Wick, Intel

"A real eye-opener, should be a must-read for everyone! Wish I had it 20 years ago! I have given your book to my executive operating group -- finding talented individuals is our single greatest challenge. Good insight on what happens in the entire interview & hiring process -- now I know how to start to get on top of it!"
Mary Ann J. Boyle, Marriott

"Nick Corcodilos shreds some of our most basic assumptions about the way to hire top people - or to get hired. No manager can afford to miss what he has to say. The New Interview Instruction Book is both a radical approach to help job hunters win job offers and a powerful hiring tool for employers."
Tom Peters, Author
In Search of Excellence

"Your book made a huge difference during a very important change in my life. I canít thank you enough for what itís done for me. By preparing me to do the job rather than just interview for it, the book gave me the confidence I needed to present myself as the solution to the interviewerís business problem."
Gerry Zagorski, AT&T Wireless

"I downloaded all your stuff from the Internet and went and got The New Interview Instruction Book. My other books are really not even worth looking at again. Your Four Questions are really the bottom line!"
Robert Dawson

"I find The New Interview Instruction Book thoroughly exciting -- a real paradigm breaker, and a welcome one at that. Here it is a couple months later, and I'm still re-reading it and shaking my head going YES! Thank you for this important work!"

John Suarez

"The New Interview Instruction Book is priceless - without a doubt the last book anyone will read on interviewing. I used the principles to land a job at a local hospital even though I have been out of the field for several years and competing against applicants with more varied experience."

Charles Coleman

"Nick's book on interviewing is simply incredible and invaluable, especially in the computer industry. It has helped me identify what type of position I want and what type of company I want it with. BUY The New Interview Instruction Book! It is the best book I have read regarding getting a satisfying job."

Daniel W. Fink

"The New Interview Instruction Book is fantastic! Over the last ten years, I've sat on both sides of the hiring manager/interviewee dialog. I've seen no other book that even comes close to telling it like it really is. No one has packed more useful, sensible information into a single source."

Michael Heckman

"There's no question about it, I am your disciple for life. I did exactly what your book told me to do and followed your advice to the letter. And I GOT THE JOB! Not just any job, mind you, but $70K worth of Copy Director for [a major investment firm], plus a generous bonus. Iíve been giving the ordering information to everyone I know who's looking. Your book changed the course of my life forever, and I am eternally grateful that you were generous-spirited enough to share your knowledge and insights with the world. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"

Elka Hinda

"Forget everything you have ever learned about how to behave during a job interview. The New Interview Instruction Book is an unusual opportunity to learn from an expert."

Princeton Packet Business Journal

Yes, 1995!
Who is Nick?

The New Interview
Instruction Book

A Guide to Winning Job Offers
Using Proven Techniques
Developed by Headhunters

By Nick Corcodilos
North Bridge Press, 1994

Long out of print, limited copies of
the original edition are now available on
the 20th anniversary of its release.
This is not a reprint - it's the original book!

20 years ago, Ask The Headhunter was a discussion forum on Prodigy, and
The New Interview Instruction Book was for sale only by mail order direct from Nick Corcodilos and the Motley Fool. It was in this book that Nick introduced the key concepts and methods that are still the foundation of Ask The Headhunter --  methods for landing the right job by demonstrating that you can do the job profitably.


"Nick Corcodilos explodes the myths about conventional job-hunting. Beware, this isnít a traditional guide to unloading resumes. This is a new approach to winning job offers. We got it, read it, and liked it. A lot." David Gardner, The Motley Fool

Originally released in 1995

The New Interview Instruction Book was published by North Bridge Press in December 1994 and released in 1995. It quickly became a mail-order best-seller. Major corporations took notice -- and used the book as a recruiting and hiring tool.

A later edition (now out of print) was published by Penguin Plume as Ask The Headhunter: Reinventing the interview to win the job and instantly became an international best-seller in the U.S., U.K., China, Taiwan and Brazil. As a result, The New Interview Instruction Book  was taken off the market -- but a number of copies were preserved in cold storage.

Now, on the 20th anniversary of the first release,
this rarity is available until the limited supply runs out!

Please Note: This classic book is similar to Nick's later book, Ask The Headhunter: Reinventing the interview to win the job (Penguin Plume, 1997), which is no longer in print.

If you're a long-time Ask The Headhunter fan and don't have either of these books, you'll love The New Interview Instruction Book! You'll see how Nick elaborated the methods that mark his advice today -- including powerful how-to steps for managing your interviews.

"Since 1994, I've answered over 35,000 questions from Ask The Headhunter readers. I've written over a dozen other books and thousands of articles and syndicated columns about job hunting and hiring. The New Interview Instruction Book still stands as my best work, encompassing the most important lessons I've  learned as a headhunter -- and that I teach to job candidates who win offers around the world."    Nick Corcodilos

The book features Nick's early, iconoclastic advice, fresh from his career as a Silicon Valley headhunter -- bent on smashing America's broken employment system. Check out the Table Of Contents, which includes these sections and much, much more:

  Winning The Job by Doing The Job
  Six Secrets of The New Interview
  Mastering Your Attitude
  Controlling The Interview
  Jump Starting A New Job
  Headhunter's Secrets
  Interview-itis: Have You Got It?

Is it any good today?

Does a 20-year-old book that teaches iconoclastic interview methods mean anything today?

"My interview preparation was focused on doing the job during the interview as per the advice in your book. This was probably the best advice anyone gave me. My focus was on practically demonstrating the value I would bring to my new employer from Day 1. I shudder to think what the results would have been in this very competitive environment had I not gotten or followed your advice." Artaj Singh, 1998

If you're familiar with the acclaimed Ask The Headhunter website, blog, and newsletter, you know that Nick's methods are so fundamental that they stand the test of time. 

Yes -- the methods in this book are just as valid and powerful today as they were in 1995! In fact, they're the time-tested basis of everything you read today on Ask The Headhunter!

Oh, there are of course some anachronisms in the book! Want ads? (What are they?) The Alta Vista search engine? (Say what?) And a few more anomalies of a distant time!

The Core Ask The Headhunter Lessons

Whether you'd like a copy because you missed it in 1995, or because you need its insider's insights and timeless methods today... The New Interview Instruction Book still delivers the core Ask The Headhunter lessons about how to win the right job!

  • The Four  Questions are still the best way to judge a job opportunity -- and to prepare for an interview.

  • Understanding Interview-itis still saves you valuable time and energy when selecting employers.

  • Broken jobs? You still must recognize and avoid them!

  • Doing the job to win the job is still the surest way to get an offer!

  • Taking control of interviews is still the best way to stand out!

  • Nick's Interview Instructions still work -- and always will -- because employers always want proof that you do profitable work!

  • The Power Of The Offer still helps job applicants negotiate powerfully and helps avoid the anguish of broken jobs!

The New Interview Instruction Book
is still
The guide to winning job offers
using proven techniques developed by headhunters! 


"An iconoclastic, cut-to-the-chase book on how to find and win the right job. And if youíre a manager, a new way to think about hiring." Electronic Engineering Times, 1995


Here's just some of what you'll learn from
The New Interview Instruction Book

  • How to control your next meeting with an employer

  • How to use the methods headhunters depend on to learn what job opportunities REALLY exist in a company

  • How to use The Four Questions to distinguish a right interview from a wrong one

  • How to go beyond resumes and traditional interviews to communicate directly with a manager who needs you

  • How to avoid personnel departments

  • How to get to the right hiring manager

  • How to get employees to recommend you to their boss

  • How to have references recommend you BEFORE you interview

  • Why one candidate loses, and another wins: The critical difference between "doing the interview" and "doing the job."

  • How the headhunter gets an employer to treat a job candidate like a valued employee -- you can do it, too!

  • How to eliminate delays between an interview and an offer

  • How to use the one thing you and the employer have in common to get and hold his attention

  • How to jump-start a job in the interview

  • How to gain a powerful negotiating position and optimize any job offer


  • Step By Step: How to DO THE JOB in your interview, rather than just answer questions

  • Worksheets that show you how to apply the techniques headhunters use

  • Exercises that teach you how to compellingly communicate your value to an employer

The New Interview Flowchart shows the key steps
to a job offer, from p. 154.]

The New Interview
Instruction Book

A Guide to Winning Job Offers Using
Proven Techniques Developed by Headhunters

The original edition! Not a reprint!

By Nick Corcodilos
North Bridge Press, 1994

The supply of original copies of this 1995 classic is limited!


Please Note: This classic book is similar to Nick's later book, Ask The Headhunter: Reinventing the interview to win the job (Penguin Plume, 1997), which is no longer in print.


$29.95 US

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Do the job to win the job!
The New Interview Instruction Book shows you how!

A guide to winning job offers using proven techniques developed by headhunters.
Just $29.95. Get the edge now! Limited time offer!


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