Today I did a webinar for about 300 alumni of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University:

Do Online Job Applications Keep Americans Unemployed?

(Or, How can you beat this goofy system?)

As usual, following some brief ranting by me (about automated recruiting), it was an Ask The Headhunter Q&A event — and we discussed some provocative questions from the audience. This blog page continues the discussion. I welcome participants to post additional questions, comments and suggestions about the topics we discussed — or anything related.

The webinar will be available to Kellogg faculty, staff, students, and alumni online on the Kellogg website. Many thanks to the team at Kellogg for their kind hospitality today!

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  1. Thank you for sharing for your advice in a straightforward, candid way. Much appreciated.

  2. @Jordan: I take that as a high compliment. Thanks very much, and thanks for attending today. Did I suggest anything that sounds unrealistic? Often some of these ideas and methods stike people as so unconventional that they can’t figure out how to actually implement them. My job is to explain and suggest how.