In the last edition of the newsletter, I posted a special offer for 1/3 off on my two new PDF books, How to Work with Headhunters… and how to make headhunters work for you (regular price: $39.95) and How Can I Change Careers? (regular price: $12.95).

The special offer of $34.95 for the 2-book bundle has blown away even first-day sales for each of the books!

Guess I under-estimated the interest! The offer was set to expire midnight December 26… I was very pleasantly surprised at the record daily sales. Now I’m stunned.

I figured the extra interest would peter out on the 24th, but word has gotten around and orders keep coming in for the package of 2 for $34.95. (The two books together normally sell for $52.90.)

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I’m grateful for the sales and I’ve extended this 1/3 off special price for the bundle until midnight January 2, 2010. Thanks for sharing the link to this promotional offer with friends!

(On January 3, the price goes back to the regular $39.95 for Headhunters and $12.95 for Change Careers.)

To all who have purchased Ask The Headhunter products, Thank You! And to everyone who is part of the Ask The Headhunter community, I wish you the best for the holidays and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

(If you’d like to order this 2-book bundle for $34.95, please DO NOT click the book images in the navigation bar on the righthand side of this page… instead please click here to get the lower price.)