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How Can I Change Careers?
"Corcodilos' two new guides are a welcome reminder that career change during a recession does not have to be scary. It can also be exhilarating. Both books offer a treasure trove of advice in an easy-to-read Q&A format about how to take better control of your own career, regardless of the economic climate."             - The Seattle Times

How to Work with Headhunters
"If you really want to know the best way to interact with recruiters and headhunters, this is a must-read! Answers every question ever asked about recruiting... Absolutely marvelous and highly recommended."

                                                - Margaret Riley Dikel
                                                  The Riley Guide 

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On March 5, 2011, in a 1-hour presentation, Nick Corcodilos taught a series of brief lessons
from How to Work with Headhunters and How Can I Change Careers? to a lecture hall full
of Executive MBAs at Cornell University's Johnson School of Management. EMBAs are seasoned,
successful managers with 7-15 years' experience. Participant Rich Mok used what he learned
from Nick's presentation in a job interview soon afterwards. Here's what he had to say:

"The hiring manager more or less offered me the position on the spot and indicated a salary range that is roughly 40-50% more than I make now. Your two biggest lessons (at least for me) at work in the flesh: Never divulge my current salary, and Talk about what I will do, not what I've done. They oughta make you a Cornell professor! I can already see that the one hour you spent with us will have as much impact on my MBA ROI as any class that I have taken in the program, if not more so."
                                                                                           Rich Mok

How Can I Change Careers?

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How Can I
Change Careers?

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How to Work
With Headhunters

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How to Work with Headhunters
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How Can I Change Careers?
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The new
Answer Kit
Ask The Headhunter

Myth-busting answers for
fearless job hunters

"Nick Corcodilos is the brutally honest, forthright and insightful headhunter who serves up tough love to job seekers while taking job boards and others to the woodshed."
US News
& World Report


How to Work with Headhunters
Regular price: $39.95

"I recommend that each of our Executive MBAs get this book. It's a very comprehensive treatment of every aspect of recruiting, search firms, career management firms and more."
Susan Dearing
UCLA Anderson School of Management 

How to Work
With Headhunters

...and how to make headhunters work
for you

62 Myth-busting answers for fearless job hunters

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