A Special Message from Nick

A Special Message from Nick

Nick is broken and getting fixed!

After long avoiding it, I’m finally getting surgery for a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder. (If you’ve ever had this, you know it hurts like the Dickens!)

rotator-cuffThis means my writing arm will be in a sling for about 6 weeks. Writing will be extremely difficult — more likely impossible, according to my surgeon — for part or all of that time.

There are no little elves producing the Ask The Headhunter website and weekly newsletter. I write and produce all the content, and participate in the online discussions — always have, because I like to mix it up with my readers.

While Ask The Headhunter goes on hiatus a few times a year for holidays and vacation, it’s never been for more than a couple of weeks. The April 25, 2023 column will likely be the last you — dear reader — will see until my arm can pitch fastballs again.

I’ll be back…

So you likely will not see a new Q&A column until the end of May or beginning of June. Your subscription to the newsletter will of course remain active, and as soon as my shoulder is fixed, it will appear again like magic in your e-mail!

In the meantime…

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See ya soon!

I will have a little elf pulling up my e-mails for me periodically, so feel free to drop me a short note if you like — but please be aware that I probably won’t be able to reply. I still love ya!

Thank you for being part of the Ask The Headhunter community, and for your patience!

Nick Corcodilos
Ask The Headhunter

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