"In the eat-or-be-eaten world of job hunting, if you misfire, you're dead. Here's how to hunt like a headhunter... Corcodilos shows you how to deliver the one, surefire thing that every employer is looking for -- proof that you can do the job, and do it profitably." - Fast Company

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What do powerhouse Executive MBA schools like Harvard and Cornell have in common? Nah... not just pricey tuitions! Their EMBAs turn to Ask The Headhunter for advice about How to stand out in the talent glut, and How to work with headhunters... and without them. Get in on the insider tips, and get an edge!

Nick Corcodilos produces iconoclastic columns weekly for PBS NewsHour.com and Adobe Systems' CMO.com. He is the host of Ask The HeadhunterŽ and author of Fearless Job Hunting (2013), How to Work with Headhunters (2009),  How Can I Change Careers? (2009), and Keep Your Salary Under Wraps (2012).

Nick started headhunting in 1979 in one of America's most competitive job markets: California's Silicon Valley. Using the methods described in his books, in the ATH Newsletter and on the ATH Blog, he has helped people win management and staff jobs in companies including IBM, GE, Hewlett-Packard and Merrill Lynch. Featured in The Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest, USA Today, The New York Times, Fast Company, Working Woman, on CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and New York Public Radio, Nick's iconoclastic techniques for job search, hiring and career development are used by job hunters and employers alike.

"Nick Corcodilos is the brutally honest, forthright and insightful headhunter who serves up tough love to job seekers while taking job boards and others to the woodshed."
                                              - US News & World Report

I can regale you with my headhunting and business credentials, but I'm sure what you want to know is whether your audience will read my stuff and whether I can deliver finished, ready-to-run columns reliably. These publishers have licensed Ask The Headhunter features. * Indicates print and online publication.

Licensee (click for archives) Period Content QTY Columns
PBS NewsHour 2012- TV Segments, Weekly Feature Columns + Q&A with audience 130
Adobe Systems CMO.com 2011- Various Feature Columns 255
Dice.com 2010 Q&A, Headhunter Challenge 115
Universal Press Syndicate * 2008-2010 Q&A, Crocodile, Headhunter Challenge 390
InfoWorld 2007-2008 Blog 120
JobDig * 2005-2006 Q&A, Headhunter Files, Crocodile 100
The Seattle Times * 2004-2010 Q&A, Headhunter Challenge 622
CMP / CRN * 2001 Q&A 15
American Airlines 2000-2001 Audio segments (5-7 minutes each) 5
CNet / TechRepublic 1999-2002 Q&A (newsletter - 40k opt-in), Headhunter Challenge, Crocodile 758
Radio Ink * 1999 Headhunter Files, Crocodile 10
Yahoo! 1999-2001 Q&A, Headhunter Files, Crocodile 124
PeopleScape 1999-2000 Q&A, Headhunter Files 385
CMP / EE Times * 1997-2002 Q&A, Headhunter Files, Crocodile 521
The Motley Fool 1995- Q&A, Headhunter Files, Crocodile 22,000 Q&A's, 210 columns


The most popular ATH features 

Ask The Headhunter Q&A  300-800 words, daily or weekly. [samples]
Nick answers the most daunting real-life questions about job hunting and hiring with his iconoclastic, cut-to-the-chase advice. Topics are edited to engage readers from all walks of life. Since 1995, Nick has answered over 18,000 questions from readers. Selected Q&A's are edited into article-quality columns for publication.

The Crocodile: A hot tip  100-400 words, weekly or monthly. [samples]
If you had an uncle who happened to be The Headhunter, this is the kind of "inside hot tip" he'd offer to help keep your career on track. Each piece is brief and designed to make readers slap their heads and say, "Ahh! If only I'd known that!"

More ATH features

The Headhunter Files  500-900 words, weekly or monthly. [samples]
Expository articles that reveal the myths and truths about job hunting and hiring from a headhunter's "inside" perspective.

Ask The Headhunter Audio  3-8 minutes, weekly or monthly. [samples]
Nick holds forth on subjects that quickly grab listeners' attention and he spurs them to action.

Ask The Headhunter Newsletter  300-800 words, daily or weekly. [samples]
Delivered as an e-mail, the Newsletter can be customized and private-branded, and can include any Ask The Headhunter feature desired by a licensee.

Ask The Headhunter Video  Sample: Bankrupt & Unemployed. Please ask for more information.

Ask The Headhunter LIVE!  Live appearances. Nick teaches managers and job hunters how to drop more profit to the bottom line. Audiences have included Cornell's and Harvard's Executive MBA programs, career center directors from the 30 leading MBA schools worldwide, 900 mutual fund managers, corporate and professional associations. Please ask for more information.

Does this stuff work? Ask The Headhunter is successful because it pays off for readers. I'll let them speak for themselves. Please click to read unsolicited comments from readers and their success stories. I owe Ask The Headhunter's success to the candor of their thousands of questions over the years -- and to their rigorous daily review of my advice.

To get an idea of the influence of Ask The Headhunter, just do a search for "headhunter" on Google. Here are some selected media items about Ask The Headhunter:

Reader's Digest: New rules for landing a job (cover story)
Fast Company: What is the single best interview question ever?  
Fast Company: Interview with the headhunter (cover story)
CNN News (video): Nick holds forth (or, here's the transcript)
WNYC Public Radio - The Brian Lehrer Show (4-week summer series): Call-in radio broadcast
AWARDS: USA Today   Microsoft   Smart Computing   Dow Jones


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North Bridge Group, Inc.
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