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VIDEO: Why employers think you're not worth hiring. Before you go to another job interview, check out this video. Learn to beat the system!

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Graduating College? You need Advice for a young college student because it's not your father's job market any more.

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The Headhunter answers your most daunting job search Q's. Get ahead, get the Q&A.

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Rip-Off Edition. Did they take your money? Join the club! Special VIDEO: Who's trying to sell you a job?

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Is HR blocking your path to a job? Then you're doing it all wrong. Avoid personnel jockeys! Get Past The Guard.

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Learn to say NO when employers demand your salary history!

Job Hunting

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Parting Company
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Keep Your Salary
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A treasure trove

"Corcodilos' two new guides are a welcome reminder that career change during a recession does not have to be scary. It can also be exhilarating.

"He maps out a practical plan for job seekers to find the exact job they want, not just chase the 'hot jobs' that everyone is talking about.

"Both books offer a treasure trove of advice in an easy-to-read Q&A format about how to take better control of your own career, regardless of the economic climate."

- Seattle Times