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"Before you make a mad dash for the exit, check in with The Headhunter."
-- Fast Company

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Nick Corcodilos is a popular and engaging speaker on topics ranging from job search to internal career development and effective hiring strategies. His audiences have included professional associations (900 mutual fund managers at the Investment Company Institute Conference), educational institutions and Fortune 500 companies such as Merrill Lynch, Becton Dickinson, AT&T and Procter & Gamble.

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"Ask The Headhunter is timely, direct and insightful. If you need an answer to a career-seeking question, this is definitely a place to turn."
  -- Dow Jones Business Directory

"Nick Corcodilos shreds some of our most basic assumptions about the way to hire top people -- or to get hired. No manager can afford to miss what he has to say."
  -- Tom Peters

"No career pabulum here, but hardboiled advice that has helped thousands of engineers since we started the feature in 1997. Ask The Headhunter is an iconoclastic, cut-to-the-chase point of view on how to find and win the right job. And if you're a hiring manager, a new way to think about hiring."
  -- Licensee Electronic Engineering Times

"Ask The Headhunter explodes the myths about job hunting. Beware, this isn't a traditional guide to unloading resumes. This is a new approach to winning job offers."
Licensee The Motley Fool (founder David Gardner)

"I can't thank you enough for the valuable advice and guidance you provided to the members of the Women's Network here at Merrill Lynch. A refreshing change of pace from the traditional approach to career management. "
  -- Denise Fehrenbach, VP, Merrill Lynch


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