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CareerBuilder: Is it for Dopes?

Absolutely. But companies continue to pour big bucks into a job board that works about as well as, well, standing on a corner handing out resumes... Why? Because a lot of employers are, well, dopes.

Deceptive Recruiting - HR's Last Stand?
Job hunters, protect yourselves!

You won't believe what employers are doing to recruit you... unless you've been victimized already.

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How can I distinguish myself in the job hunt and in the interview?

You've never been to a live Ask The Headhunter presentation? Here's your chance to hear Nick Corcodilos hold forth. An Ask The Headhunter Special Edition!

Did you miss the issue that rocked the "employment industry" boat?

Job-Board Journalism:
Selling out the American job hunter

Before you post another resume or respond to another job posting on one of the "big boards", read this!

Nick's Reply
Don't worry -- I still answer readers' most daunting questions about job search and hiring! The Featured Q&A hasn't disappeared: now it's available in your e-mail box!

Since I started publishing the Ask The Headhunter Newsletter, thousands of people have subscribed, and they've been getting the Featured Q&A (and some bonus Special Editions) via e-mail.

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In case you're wondering, there's no change in Ask The Headhunter. It's still the same guy -- me -- writing and producing it, offering my blunt opinions and advice about job search and hiring. The enthusiastic response of thousands of subscribers has made me realize that e-mail delivery is a much better way to produce the columns I've been writing since January 1995.

I hope you'll try "home delivery" of the most popular feature of Ask The Headhunter -- The Featured Q&A! (The web site isn't going away!)

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Nick Corcodilos
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