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ATH is perfect for the disabled
August 2, 2005

Dear Nick:

I quote you so often you might as well give me a blanket immunity from prosecution for theft. Your material is so common sense and practical I can't believe everybody doesn't use it. Actually, maybe it's a good thing everybody doesn't use it because that means the good jobs are still available for those of us who want to speak with the people who have the power to hire.

I'm a blind person. I have been since I was a kid. Many of my friends with disabilities are unemployed and hate the job finding process. They believe that their disabilities interfere with their employment opportunities.

I, on the other hand, am always employed or am working for my self. I've owned eleven businesses and am currently doing business development for an excellent company. You and Richard Bolles have been, and continue to be the people I quote most often when it comes to trying to help both the disabled and nondisabled population turn the "next job" into a rewarding experience.

Your process is perfect for those with disabilities because it allows them to explain what they can contribute rather than what their limitations are. Personnel departments are in the business of eliminating candidates. This becomes a huge impediment for candidates with disabilities. Supervisors and managers are oriented toward problem solving and if you can show them how you will solve their problems and contribute to their bottom line, they'll hire you. It's as simple as that. If they're hung up on your disability you probably don't want to work for them anyway. Just get referrals from them and move on.

Thanks so much for all your efforts. I'd love to know about your lecture schedule so I can send would-be job seekers to hear you. I myself would come just to shake your hand and thank you for your common sense and frank advice.

Michael Bullis



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