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ATH got me hired in China.
February 21, 2003

Dear Nick,

I believe the advice given on the Ask The Headhunter website was instrumental in my receiving a job offer, so thank you!

I am writing not only to express gratitude, but also to point out that your advice can be adapted to suit individual difficulties. I had two problems. Firstly, the initial interview was over the telephone (I am in China while the interviewer is in Britain). Secondly, while I knew I could do the job because of the basic description, the job specification was not detailed at all.

Not being in the same room as the interviewer meant I could not hit the whiteboard. However, I could do the equivalent -- use email.

Prior to the telephone interview I prepared a document fully outlining what I considered the job to be in a very practical way. It provided the ideal context for the chat and left little room for confusion as to whether I knew what I was talking about, thus saving time and energy all around. This was an excellent way to move beyond the resume. I remembered reading on your site that the single biggest reason people don't get the call back after an interview is because the hiring manager does not have conclusive evidence proving a person could do a job. I didn't want to fall into that trap!

Thanks to your inspiration, I felt I had the tools to secure the job before the telephone interview even started. Getting a job the "regular" way involves so many complications -- hiring managers and job hunters are only human after all -- but the advice you give can help any person cut the nonsense and approach job hunting effectively.

Thanks very much for helping me start a promising new chapter in my life!

Jennifer Thompson



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