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The hiring manager was "floored"!
Date: 12/7/98


I read your book and to say it changed my life is close to hyperbole -- but it changed my job search life. Through persistence, I got an interview with my top choice: a highly competitive, Fortune Top Ten company. I prepared thoroughly, with research from annual reports, 10K/Q, industry journals, businesswire notes, magazine articles, etc.

I then prepared a presentation on myself for the interview. I used one of those small briefcases with the three ring binder inside and made paper slides with titles like, Why John? and, How John Will Increase Profitability.

The hiring manager was floored. We skipped all the "cow" questions and instead had an amazing dialogue about my fit with the company. The interview took 2.5 hours and he told me that in all his experience, he had never seen a more prepared and driven candidate. He told me that I definitely showed him that I could do the job and that I wanted it. He was so excited, he asked me to drive 2 hours, after our interview, to meet with his boss -- that same day!!!

To say your approach was the key is an understatement. Thank you for your insight. It makes so much sense -- why doesn't everyone sell their skills like a product and show the boss how they'll do the job? Anyway, I'm glad they don't -- I go for a salary meeting next week and my preparation and impressiveness will literally pay off.

Thanks. I hope you actually read this.

John A.






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