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Date: October 26, 2000

Thank you. My sincere and deepest gratitude for the information and suggestions on the Ask The Headhunter site.

I was new to the site a few months ago, and being in a really sticky situation employment-wise, started gathering info. I followed the advice -- The Basics mainly, and tailored the advice to my needs.

It turned everything I knew about myself, my abilities and job hunting upside down and inside out, and I can tell you, it worked. I did the homework, and got the result. I was offered a job in the company and field I did my research on, with benefits and insurance!

I don't know if I'll take the job, since there have been some changes in my personal life, but hey, that's ok, because I know I have what it takes, and when/if the time comes for me to do it all again, I'll have this confidence in me!

Cheers, Headhunter!!!

H. K.



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