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Doctor becomes investment banker
Date: 98-04-26


If you recall I am an MD who was in touch with you during my job search efforts in finding a postion as an Investment Banker. Irv Pfieffer at Kellogg had put me on to your book.

My interview preparation was focused on "Doing the Job During the Interview" as per the advice in your book. This was probably the best advice anyone gave me. My focus was on practically demonstrating the value I would bring to my new employer from Day 1.

For me to do this required a different and more rigourous time of preparation for weeks ahead of time. I shudder to think what the results would have been in this very competitive environment had I not gotten or followed your advice.

After a very active six month process, I was sucessful in landing a postion as Vice President in Healthcare Investment Banking with a major regional bank. This was particularly rewarding considering this is my first job in this particular industry even though I was able to leverage my expertise as a physician and healthcare executive. I have now been in this position for nearly a year and am loving it.

Thanks for your kindness and help.

Best wishes,

Artaj Singh



No more idiocy
Subj: Thanks
Date: 11/18/98 2:19:56 PM

Thank you.

I ran across the Motley Fool's web page "Ask The Headhunter" accidentally (HotBot search on Headhunter :) )

So far I have noticed two results:

  1. I don't feel nearly as much like a worthless idiot. I realize I was just following an idiotic and worthless path.
  2. I have completely rethought my job search.


Olaf Westgaard





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