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Rockin' & Rollin' at 57 with ATH

Dear Nick:

After 6 months of looking (the last 4 knowing that my agency assignment was about to expire) I have obtained a new contract. In the whole process, Ask The Headhunter has been far and away the best resource I had. Let me count the reasons why:

1) Age. At my age (57), common wisdom says that I should not have been able to get re-hired. When I became discouraged (which happened quite often) I would re-read the advice "age is only a state of mind" in Too Old to Rock & Roll? When I went into my decisive interview, I wasn't acting or feeling old, just feeling like I had enough experience to do the job better than anyone else.

2) The interview itself. Instead of treating it like an oral final examination, I turned the normal 2 minute introduction of the job into a 30 minute "How I am going to do the job?" When it came time to do the normal examination, the interviewer discovered that all his questions had already been answered. Satisfactory.

Only two points, but I am convinced they were the difference between success and failure.

Phil Singer



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