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52. Who's telling your salary?
With the advent of investigative services that help employers dig into a job candidate's background, people face the risk that confidential information will hurt their ability to negotiate a good job offer. Companies routinely use such services to check your work history, your references, your criminal record, your credit rating and, sometimes, your salary history. Once a company knows what you're earning, you lose your negotiating edge because the company can base a job offer on your old salary rather than on what you're really worth.

If you want a challenge, try this. The next time you're ready to accept a new job, tell the company you will sign the job offer and any associated confidentiality agreements if they will reciprocate by signing an agreement stating they will keep your compensation information strictly confidential and never divulge it to anyone.

Companies don't want employees divulging confidential information -- now or in the future -- that could impede a company from profiting from its secrets. Why should an employer be free to divulge salary information -- now or in the future -- that would hamper your efforts to cut the best compensation deal possible?

What's good for the goose should be good for the gander. Who's telling your salary? Stop them.

Should you disclose your salary history
when an employer asks?


Is there a legitimate way to keep your
salary history confidential?


Keep Your Salary Under Wraps

How to say NO when employers demand your salary history, to make them say
YES to higher job offers.





























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