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44. Don't just research a company.
Most people pride themselves on carefully researching a company before the job interview. They learn about the company's history, its products and any "news". Then they wait for the employer to quiz them on this stuff. Or, they casually "drop" the information to show how smart they are.

Do you think that impresses a company? Think twice. If all you're going to do with research is recite it, you might as well whistle Dixie. Facts about a company are useless until you organize them to address the company's problems and challenges.

Have you done your research with that goal in mind? Have you prepared a brief presentation that shows you have digested your research to produce a useful perspective on how you can help the company be more successful?

The value of research is in how you apply it. Before you meet the employer, sit down and take a look at what you've learned. Now use it to create a compelling business plan to solve the employer's problems.

Don't just research a company. Make it better.


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