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25. Throw away your crutches.
Imagine a sales rep who spends his days mailing you product brochures rather than actually calling on you. He'd get fired for being so passive, because to you and me those product brochures are junk mail. To that sales rep, the brochures are a crutch: he uses them so he can avoid having to sell.

We buy stuff from the sales rep who calls us, intrigues us and shows he understands what we need. We buy from the guy who smartly breaks down our door and actually proves something to us.

Like a product brochure, your resume is a crutch. It keeps you hobbled. It prevents you from taking the quick, smart action that's necessary to meet the right employers and to prove your mettle to them.

When you start a "resume campaign", you might as well just give the sale away to your competition. Because your competition is either a good headhunter who's on the phone with that employer (who hasn't even opened your resume yet); or, your competition is another job hunter who shows up on the employer's doorstep with a compelling story, proving that he can do the job.

Your competition is selling while you're waiting.

Throw away your crutches. Prove something.


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