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21. There aren't 400 jobs for you.
Here's the biggest load of bunk. When you're job hunting, the most important thing to do when you wake up each day is assemble and mail out 20 resumes and cover letters. Do that first, and you'll feel better because you will have done something to find that new job. That's the conventional wisdom.

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Here's why that's bunk: after a month you will have mailed out 400 resumes, but there aren't 400 jobs out there that are right for you. There might be a small handful at most. The rest are someone else's idea of what job might be right for you. And they're wrong.

Where do all these wrong jobs come from? The want ads, which tell you next to nothing about the actual work, the manager, or the people you'll be working with. Your friends, who think that in desperation you'll consider just about any job they've run across. Your college (if you just graduated), which leaves you thinking you must get a job related directly to your new degree. A headhunter, who calls to tempt you with something, anything. The media, which daily tell us what careers are "hot".

The right job is the work you want to do at the company where you want to do it in the industry you want to be a part of. Research devoted to honing in on your target is the first thing to do when you wake up.

So, ask yourself while you're climbing out of bed, are you pursuing the right job, or 400 wrong jobs?






























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