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Whether you want to turn your consulting business into a million dollar operation, or just to start and manage your own one-person home-based consulting firm, you need good advice. These books will help you decide whether consulting is for you, show you how to get started, and they'll teach you how to expand successfully once your consulting business is up and running.

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Getting Started in Consulting
by Alan Weiss
(John Wiley & Sons, 2000)
This is the most popular consulting book in The Headhunter's Bookstore for good reasons. It's well-organized and easy to follow. As long as you have a skill to sell, Weiss will show you how to sell it. Bonus: he provides insights from other consultants, not just his own advice. Order this book.

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Million Dollar Consulting
by Alan Weiss
(McGraw-Hill, 1997)
This book isn't for the one-person consulting shop -- unless you want to turn it into a burgeoning business. Weiss teaches everything from staffing your business to marketing it, to dealing with competition and developing effective pricing strategies. Order this book.

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Marketing Your Services:
For People Who Hate to Sell

by Rick Crandall
(NTC/Contemporary Publishing, 1996)
Clear, practical introduction for the beginner consultant who needs advice on the basics: free publicity, newsletters, networking, using the phone. Refreshing focus on the customer's needs and on a "consultative" sales approach. Order this book.

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Consulting For Dummies
by Bob Nelson & Peter Economy
(IDG, 1997)
Don't knock the Dummies books till you've tried them. This guide is well-organized and the authors took care to cover the most important questions new consultants need help with. In other words, the book serves as a great introduction and as an outline that will help you decide what key topics you'll need to research in more detail. Order this book.

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Power Networking
by Marc Kramer
(VGM Career Horizons, 1997)
This book is recommended as a job search tool by Ask The Headhunter. It's also a great guide to developing your sales contacts -- and that's what 50% of consulting is all about. Order this book.


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