Welcome to the new Ask The Headhunter feature section, News I want you to use!

Like many of you, I’m a voracious reader of news. Readers send me links to useful articles every day, and I learn something new from almost every one of them. But what good is all this information if we can’t share, digest and discuss it? Ask The Headhunter needs a digest of news we can all use — content from other good sources, curated by us and for us!

News I want you to use is just the first of several new features I plan to add to Ask The Headhunter. I’ve created a new pull-down on the main menu above — Sections — and I’ve added a graphic at the top of the right-sidebar of this new section so you’ll know where you are. Below the graphic you’ll find only recent News items in this section. (Click the graphic and it’ll take you to a page that lists all the News I want you to use columns by themselves. The weekly Q&A column will also get its own section shortly!)

Most of the curated items presented here will be brief — the first one is longer because I’m experimenting, and I’d love your input on how you would like this to work! And, of course, I expect you’ll send me links to content, news and articles you think we should share and discuss!

Let’s have some fun with this!