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I use ATH to help me hire.
October 7, 2003

I decided to use your advice on interviews for the latest round of hiring we did. So I sent out a pre-interview packet to the selected candidates with a pointer to your site (the page on "do the job to get hired"), suggestions of material to read, and two real problems that I told them I would ask them to solve during the interview. It was great.

Two of the candidates who otherwise looked good hadn't bothered to prepare, and thus helped me by demonstrating a serious lack of enthusiasm for the position. The candidate we hired not only showed he could do the job, he also used the background material to show he could do more than the job.

I'm very pleased with the results.


Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Ph.D.
UrbanSim Project Manager
Center for Urban Simulation and Policy Analysis
University of Washington



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