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You're my new hero!
July 6, 2003

Dear Nick,

I emailed you back in April to tell you that you are my new hero. Well, now I'm emailing you to say "thanks" [and that you remain my hero].

After poring over 5 "Sticky" Interview Tactics, I interviewed for a copyeditor position for the San Antonio division of an international standardized test publisher.

Because of your article, I went in there, not like some cringing Gollum-like creature wondering, "Will they like me?" but as an employee focused on "I'm the answer to your prayers. What can I do to help?"

Afterwards, I sent the managing editor a hand-written thank you note. Mindful of my continuing need to be "sticky," I dispensed with the typical obsequious "Your company is so wonderful, a mere mortal such as I can only hope for the opportunity to polish your elevator buttons." Instead, I focused on something she had said about the way she sees her employees (as people having a "real life"). I was genuinely impressed by this, so I said so in my note. I figured sincerity was the best way to, as your article advises, "'be there' after the interview."

My sincerity and confidence must have been apparent: not only did they offer me a job; they hired me, not as a copyeditor, but as an editor (and at a salary significantly higher than both the copyeditor job and my current--make that former--job).

So anyway, Nick... what can I do but join the teeming throngs of folks chanting your praises? Not to worry, though; even though I got this gig, I'll visit your site for periodic reality checks. No-BS, tell-it-like-it-is folks like you are too damned rare.

Thanks for all you do,
Mary Lee Chapman



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