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HR: ATH is right on the money!
Date: March 29, 2002

I've been in HR for most of my career: 20+ years. Your audience should be aware that your ideas are right on the money!

In 7 Mistakes Internal Recruiters Make you totally identified what slows the recruiting train to a crawl. Since habits are the hardest thing to break -- next to your head -- this type of article should appear regularly. Recruiters need to be reminded! They will cheer, once they implement some of the changes you suggest.

Recruiting has ceased to be an active verb and instead conjures a vision of, first, a desk piled high with resumes and a recruiter shuffling through them with one hand, holding the phone with the other; and, second, a support person carrying in another basket of unopened mail. The prodigious amount of paperwork gobbles 3/4 of a recruiter's day. Gee! Maybe this is why there are always so many active requisitions!

Recruiters need to get active! Good job in identifying and suggesting!

Sonya Rolls



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