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The Headhunter was right!
Date: February 13, 2002

The "Headhunter" book worked for me!

Suffice it to say that I had it narrowed down to two good jobs after about a month of looking. (I have a set of specialized skills that are in demand).

One job was a constant battle with the HR department, a strange interview asking me all sorts of off-the-wall questions. (What the heck does my favorite color have to do with anything? I am in the medical field, not a fashion/artistic type.) There were other assorted oddities such as never getting to talk to anyone who actually did the type of work I do.

The second job was a delight. My interview was with not only my boss but with my co-workers-to-be. (I did know a few of them, since there are not lots of folks in my field.) I got to apply my skills, I was asked intelligent, relevant questions, and I even solved a current problem which thrilled my boss-to-be!

Obviously I took the second job. It involved a near doubling of my old salary, and since I joined the company they have given me a 10% raise! I love this job and am happy (gasp, who would have thought that?) to come to work.

As a kicker, I met the person who would have been my boss at the first job at a convention and he told me that the position was still unfilled. He claimed never to have seen my application nor did he know that I was being interviewed. He seemed most demoralized after my tale of woe about the HR department experience. Pity; he seemed like a person that I could have worked for.

So, to stop rambling, thanks for putting the book out there. You even got an sale from me!

-- [signed] Free



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