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I used Ask The Headhunter to win a job in Mexico!
Date: April 9, 2001

I just wanted to let you know that Ask the Headhunter was a great book. It helped me secure a Project Management position in Mexico.

I did the job during the interview. The interviewer was surprised when I asked for the use of the whiteboard*. We had to go in search of one to use. Lucky for me, I brought my own whiteboard markers and eraser!

It didn't hurt that the interviewer was the Chief Marketing Officer of the company as well as an executive board member and a president of one of the divisions of the company. He has assigned himself  to be my mentor.

Geat book... Thanks.

Adrienne Tyson

* In the book, Ask The Headhunter, Nick discusses how a job candidate answered The Four Questions™ and won a job offer by doing a presentation using the board in the interviewer's office, just like Ms. Tyson did.



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