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The "Working Resume" Works!
Date: 12/3/98

RE: The Working Resume

That is the most brilliant, practical, concise, honest and overlooked idea I've seen in years! It's true self marketing. Simple, personal truth in advertising. Thank you!!

Priceless site. Absolutely dead on information! Just The Basics alone is worth a million bucks!

I just returned from a business trip to Houston. The day I left (November 17th) I left a "Working Resume" with a friend so he could drop it off at a prospective employer's office for me.

To my amazement, I received a phone call today with an offer to start a new project on December 13th! What is so amazing is that it is in a totally different field than that which I am currently a specialist. It is just in one which I have always wanted to be. And it will be working with some of the top people in that field.

So, thanks again and again!

Peter D.





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