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You're a freaking genius.
Date: November 3, 2000

RE: Your article, Outsmart The System

You're a freaking genius. Hurry up and run for president before I have to write you in. Kidding.

I just thought it was me. I was totally convinced that I was crazy and everybody else had the answers, even though I've always achieved at a much higher level than the crowd. It gets disheartening sometimes, but your words provide me solace.

I'll likely be rich in the next year or so thanks to a creative writing piece in development, but I find it very challenging to take this screwed up system by the balls and illustrate its glaring idiocy. Thanks. I just hope that doesn't mean the next trend will be to become a headhunter and cause all the sheep to flock to your pastures and obscure your voice! Let's pray it doesn't!

Karim Davis



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