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I'm 60: the best is yet to come.
Date: September 29, 2000


I started what I thought would be 30 minutes of reading on, and four hours and 17 pages of notes later I just finished. It is very insightful reading.

I am 60 and basically think I am unemployable at this point. While I am working on fixing that mindset, I have found that I have many skills that are of value. I retired from executive management too early and have regretted too much time on my hands.

There are some things I can do with the insight I have learned from you -- namely get out and use my skill in ways that most others won't.

You will make major inroads in this industry -- you have made some to date -- but nothing like the credit you will receive when people's lives will have been changed and they realize how the change evolved.

Thanks for the articles. I am buying up the book after dinner tonight. Thanks for your help.

Jim Pike




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