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Date: August 2, 2000

I was on a job quest for 10 months (while employed). After a few interviews and no offers, I read your book.

You recommend finding the company that you want to work for and going after it -- that's exactly what I did. I used your techniques on two other interviews and had to turn down an offer. I took the offer I really wanted.

Talking to vendors, customers, competitors and insiders connected with the company is a must for anyone seriously looking to land the job with their company of choice.

My company of choice involved six interviews over three weeks. The last three interviews were with vice presidents. I was not able to do a presentation with these gentlemen, but I was able to demonstrate that I understood the job and that I could do it the way they wanted and that profits and success were directly related. I asked a closing question near the end of all my conversations with the VP's: "Is there anything that would preclude you from making me an offer?" Just like in sales, I heard their concerns and I addressed those concerns up front. I got an offer the next day.

Your book, my enthusiasum, and knowledge about their company is what got me the job. All I can say is, Thanks, Nick.


Jeffrey Kincaid
"Employed where I choose to be, with a much better job."  



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