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I make only $25k, but ATH worked for me.
Date: 4/22/00

Dear Headhunter,

I am regularly stunned and amazed at how concisely truthful everything is at Thank you for choosing to offer your advice and bold way of thinking.

I am twenty-two and came from a reasonably bad family, so I had to "sink or swim" from the beginning of my adult life after I got the courage to leave idiots behind and take care of myself.

I have found that the things you say that win jobs are completely true. The jobs I have really wanted, I have had little trouble getting, as long as I wanted them badly enough to sell my skills as a contractor would to another company.  When other applicants offer their applications and I offer my knowlege of the company's business, ready to make the place succeed, and tell how I can do that, I usually get hired.  Granted, I have never applied for anything paying more than $25k but it still works!

Seeing your perspective has brought reality into greater focus for me. Companies and managers do not need to baby-sit their employees. Perhaps this is why so many companies "sub" out much of their work. But when you have the attitude that you are your own contractor, you don't need them to mentor you, and they like that.

The words, "do not go to an interview unless you are prepared to control it" stay in my mind. It seems like what an entrepreneur would do. Thanks again for putting together your website.

Excellent job. I hope you are doing well in business and life,

Jeff Quinn




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