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When the interviewer took the Ask The Headhunter approach, I was prepared!

Date: 11/11/99

Just wanted to say I read the article on your website, How to Find A Good Headhunter and I thought that calling companies asking for headhunters was brilliant! What a great way to get "in" to a company or a headhunter. Great advice!

I bought the Ask the Headhunter book several weeks ago. I had a second interview last week with a tech recruiting firm. The way I was interviewed was right out of your book! If I hadn't read the book, I would have been caught off guard, but instead, I was well prepared and very impressed with the interviewer's approach.

You repeatedly mention in articles on your website and in your book that the interviewer should forget about what the candidate has done in the past and focus instead on finding out if she can do the job she is applying for. My interviewer did just that -- I had to role-play with him and play out several scenarios he gave me ahead of time to read. In addition, he took me around the office and had me sit with each of the four people on his team to get to know them and vice versa.

Not only was the hiring manager smart to do all of this from his perspective, but it showed me what an impressive manager he is, too!

- Cindy




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