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Wow! An astonishingly good web site!
Date: 6/28/99

Dear Nick:

All I really need to say is thank you for an astonishingly good web site. The rest of this is commentary.

I stumbled across your site today through The Motley Fool while continuing my self-education into investing, but as you made me realize, that was an avoidance ploy. I've been downsized, along with several other people, will be out of work soon, and I should be concentrating on a job search.

As a network TV writer/producer for many years and now a new media content director, my underlying job has always been to make myself an instant expert on anything that comes up, and I'm good at it. But what I'd tracked down about job hunting until today made me question my abilities. Everything was the "same old, same old," and I was discouraged just reading it all.

Now that I've printed, highlighted, and studied your entire site, I do believe I've got the information I need to get this job search done successfully. (I've read your book, and it has even more good information than what you've already given us for free on your Web site.)

It is so rare to find a web site (or any other resource) that is so thoroughly useful and informative, filled with good, new ideas, well-written, compelling, and so well laid out and navigable. (Well, I have a couple of quibbles about that last item, but they are minor.) I haven't found so much good advice in one place about anything in years. And your enthusiasm for your subject is contagious; you've made me believe that this job hunt will be an exciting process, and I'm looking forward to it now with gusto.

This is the most productive afternoon I've spent on the web in a long time. I could go on with the kudos, but I gotta go do a "working resume" for my next interview.

Again, wow! and thank you. is a rare find.


Ronni Bennett
"Everything is interesting if you pay attention."



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