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This dare changed my life.
Date: 3/19/99

One day I made a decision. To help me follow through on making that decision a reality, I bought a book. That book was called Ask The Headhunter. I loved it.

I had followed the ATH message boards via The Motley Fool on an almost daily basis, sifting and winnowing for information that pertained to my situation. Then I ran across a dare -- Nick dared someone, anyone, to make a customized resume... one that pertained solely to one job for one employer. My decision was to work for one company -- I had a job, but I didn't love it. I wanted to love my work. I felt I could do just that with this newly-selected employer.

So, I did it... customized a resume, which was easy for this place since I knew it so well... I was darn proud of that resume. I sent it in, and here I sit... at The Motley Fool. Best darn employer in the world. Thanks, Nick. You offered a dare that changed my life...

Best to you,

TMF Psyche






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