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From interview to job offer in less than an hour
Date: 2/17/99

Hello Mr. Corcodilos,

What can I say? Your book worked beyond belief. I followed all the guidelines outlined in your book and the result was fantastic. You are dead-on about researching everything you can find about a company you want to approach. I did the research and I got the job.

The president of the company was so impressed at the amount of research I did on his company, I am now head of business development.

I have 12 teams of five employees who report to me. What really impressed him was that I was able to figure out his email address that was not published anywhere. I sent him an email with a proposal and BAM -- interview, then a job offer in less than an hour.

Your book will change the way everyone needs to work for a new job. Thanks a million.

By the way: I was on a flight down to Greensboro from New York, and  I sat next to a man who was reading the Fast Company article, Interview With A Headhunter.

Well, I told him that after reading the same article I got the book immediately, read it in a day, followed the outline and researched the two companies that I approached. I told him how the interview went and that I got the job by showing the company president I could do the job. Well that man said as soon as he could get to Barnes and Noble that day he was going to read your book that night. I will continue to recommend your book to everyone I meet. Again thanks for writing a great book that no doubt changed my life.

William Stephens







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