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March 30, 2006

Dear Headhunter;

I have just turned in a pending resignation letter to my employer after being harassed by a poor people manager. My skills are way, way above the job I have. I have 15 years of mining and environmental project experience. All of your articles are very helpful. The one about being sticky is really what I needed. The article about the "badge of honor" was very good for my brain as well.

Incidentally, my employer does exit interviews. I had large plans to do a lot of talking and asking questions for ammo for an EEOC suit. I would do better to move on happily and let the losers stay nested in one place. Being toxic inside does not promote good karma, and karma is very important when moving on.

The area I live in is experiencing an extremely large boom in energy development. There is no housing for the workers that are being brought in. Recruiters are hunting nearly 1,000 new workers. It's a good place for me to move up since I am established in the community. I know many important chamber of commerce members and I am in the right places to network.

Again thank you sincerely for some fine and entertaining reading (oh, and some self esteem)!


Dave Freeman




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