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How to draft 390 people to conduct your job search.
In a September 17, 2003 article, "exclusive" executive job-listing service ExecuNet shows you how to network... I mean really network.

Why settle for talking to people who can actually help you, when you can have a whole army of strangers trying to get you a job? (Yes! It's true! The power of conscription has come to job hunting!) In this special feature, Anatomy Of An Executive Job Search - Part 3: Networking Savvy [you must select this article from the site's pull-down at bottom of page], ExecuNet executive coach Linda Dominguez reveals how to... well, I'd rather let her explain it.

"How would you like to have almost 400 network contacts by the end of this month? Start by contacting 30 people you know -- ask for advice on your job search, and ask if each of those people would be comfortable in referring you to three other people who may be able to assist you in some way. Next, ask those 90 people to refer you to three additional people -- and by the end of the month you will have a network of three levels of people with 390 contacts involved in supporting your job search."

This is the first time I've seen a career expert lift a concept from a hair product commercial. ("And she told two people, and they told two people...")

While and its ilk offer billions and billions of jobs and resumes, the high-end job services like Execu-Net have created a niche by touting exclusivity and inside contacts. But it seems the entire career industry, from top to bottom, has gone on the Volume! Volume! kick.

Now, in my wildest dreams, I imagine calling 30 people I know and getting each of them to give me three names of people I don't know. Then I tear open a case of Corona and start dialing 90 people I don't know at all. "Hi, your good friend Dave said to call you. Can you give me advice on my job search? When we're done I'll need advice from three of your friends. They'll love you, honest. And I've got a great deal for you on a case of HerbaVite Magna-Life vitamins..."

By the time you've got the first 120 draftees entered into your contacts data base, your feet will be up on the Dell, and you'll be happily working on a nice, cold can of Thorazine while you wrap up your high-level networking chat with your 390th new friend. Figure at least 15 minutes for a proper recruiting... er, networking discussion, so allow 97 and a half hours to complete your draft picks. (Better pop a second can of that tasty Mental Picker-Upper.) And that's just this month.

ExecuNet costs $399 a year. The article we just discussed is free. Let's see, zero cost to get "390 contacts involved in supporting your job search." Think of how many more Level 3 draftees you could have working for you once you actually pay up. (Hell, you could end up with several jobs, not just one. Remember, word is getting around in the exclusive circles: More is better.)

Nick Corcodilos
Ask The HeadhunterŽ

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