"Ask The Headhunter explodes the myths about job hunting. Beware, this isn't
a traditional guide to unloading resumes. This is a new approach to winning job offers."
- licensee The Motley Fool (founder David Gardner)

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Features and samples of syndicated works
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Ask The Headhunter Q&A   the flagship feature
Since 1995, Nick has answered over 15,000 questions from readers. Selected Q&A's are edited into article-quality columns for publication.


Samples & license details

Seattle Times: Your salary is no one's business when seeking a job
Seattle Times: Talking shop in interview can help win job you really want
Seattle Times: Quality contacts, carefully nurtured, are key to networking
CNet/TechRepublic: Why do jobs disappear in the middle of the hiring process?
CNet/TechRepublic: How can I get a company to increase its offer?
CMP Media - EE Times: When your Rolodex isn't enough
CMP Media - CRN: What should you do when your interviewer doesn't make the grade?
Yahoo!: How should I present my salary requirements?

"My brother e-mailed me your column after a year of under-employment and several months of unemployment... Nick, things were getting pretty scary at my house - lots of stress, and the kids were getting nervous. You and your advice turned all that around. Thank you, thank you, and may God bless you."
- Wells Hann


The Crocodile (Hot Tip)
If you had an uncle who happened to be The Headhunter, this is the kind of advice he'd offer -- a contrarian tip that makes you slap your head and say, "If only I'd known that!"


Samples & license details

The Motley Fool: Don't get fired Day #1
CMP Media - Electronic Engineering Times: Passive job hunters, or passive employers?
Yahoo!: Don't defend your resume
How to decide how much you want
Jobs aren't hot; people are

"You are a breath of fresh air in a room filled with carbon monoxide. Thank you."
- Katherine E. Hoyt

The Headhunter Files
Expository articles that reveal the myths and truths about job hunting and hiring.


Samples & license details
CMP Media - Electronic Engineering Times: How to perform in a performance review
CNet/TechRepublic: Job Fairs: Ten real truths
Radio Ink: Five interviewing techniques to avoid, or risk being called "mud"
Put a free sample in your resume
Top ten stupid hiring mistakes
The working interview

"I count Ask The Headhunter as the very best and most useful subscription I have."
- Jim Haake

Ask The Headhunter AUDIO
Nick holds forth.


Samples (requires RealAudio player)
American Airlines in-flight radio: Do the job in the interview
American Airlines in-flight radio: Resume madness

"I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your newsletter and website. Even when I'm not in the job market, I enjoy your views and perspective. Thank you for giving those in the job market an honest, insider's view of what is going on these days."
- Dave Shortley

Ask The Headhunter Newsletter
The e-mail Newsletter may be private-labeled and may include any Ask The Headhunter feature. The Newsletter has been licensed by CNet/TechRepublic and distributed to 40,000 opt-in subscribers. A "home edition" has been published weekly since September, 2003.


Ask The Headhunter Newsletter: 5 hot topics of 2003
Ask The Headhunter Newsletter: Does your company have clean underwear?
CNet/TechRepublic: How can I get a company to increase its offer?

"Just a note to let you know that your job seeking advice is pure gold. Nice to see somebody cut through the morass with intelligence."
- Gary Deines


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