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  I count Ask The Headhunter as the very best and most useful subscription I have.
subscriber Jim Haake

This is like reading a high-priced consultant's report to discover the "BFO" (blinding flash of the obvious).
-- subscriber Bill Hiltz

How I grabbed this job: I'm 100% positive it was because I followed your Ask The Headhunter advice and did the job in the interview. That simple maneuver set me apart from all the others vying for the job. Thank you, Nick.
-- subscriber Elizabeth Weintraub

What I have found at other sites is a lot of statements about "selling yourself" but little or no information on how to do that. Finding Ask The Headhunter has been "Eureka!"
-- subscriber Tammy Pritt

You are a breath of fresh air in a room
filled with carbon monoxide. Thank you.
-- subscriber Katherine E. Hoyt

Your job seeking advice is pure gold. Nice to see somebody cut through the morass with intelligence.
subscriber Gary Deines, President
   Telework Software, Inc.

I'm a headhunter for the medical and biotech industries, and I require that my candidates read your book prior to interviewing. Thanks for providing me with a great tool that helps my candidates win offers.
-- subscriber Laura Hopeman

This may be the finest piece of career advice
I have ever received.
-- subscriber Carole A. Taylor

I want you to know that in the piles of info email that I receive, yours is the ONLY one that I consistently read. Your advice is always right on the money. Thanks!!
-- subscriber Dianne K. Sedlar, MCSE
Lincoln Public Schools, Information Systems

I've been following Ask The Headhunter since 1997. You are facilitating deep change in many souls out here -- you are not merely "giving good advice".
Godspeed, Mr. Headhunter.
-- subscriber Rick Manning

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