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"Nick Corcodilos is the brutally honest, forthright and insightful headhunter who serves up tough love to job seekers while taking job boards and others to the woodshed."
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What is
Fearless Job Hunting?

From the introduction to Nick's 9 new myth-busting books:


Ask any talented job hunter: Did you follow the proper steps in your job search? Of course.

What went wrong? I hit an unexpected obstacle.

Success in job hunting isn’t about chasing job postings, sending resumes, and filling out endless online application forms. If any of it worked, you’d have the job you want. That's why Fearless Job Hunting is not a step-by-step "process" for landing a job. There is no such thing. The sad truth is, the "employment system" is broken. Your challenge is to step over that broken system to get the job you want.

In the real world, “the steps” lead to failure when you encounter daunting obstacles -- the inevitable obstructions that trip you up. Either you know what to do to overcome them, or you lose. Fearless Job Hunting deals head-on with the obstacles and delivers hard-core answers to the in-your-face questions no one else will answer for you. Success at job hunting is about knowing what to do when you hit the wall:

  • A personnel manager rejects you.
    Should you walk away? (Book Four)

  • You’re unemployed.
    How do you explain it?
    (Book One)

  • A friend gives you a contact.
    How do you make it pay off?
    (Book Three)

  • An employer wants your salary history.
    How do you say NO to protect your ability to negotiate?
    (Book Seven)

  • It’s between you and Candidate #1.
    How do you show that you’re the more profitable hire?
    (Book Six)

  • You received an offer, but a better one is pending. The first employer
    wants an answer now.

    How do you keep your options open?
    (Book Nine)

  • The interview went well, but they’re not calling back.
    What now? (Book Eight)

How you cope with these obstacles will make or break your job search, no matter how good your resume is, how clever your interview answers are, or how many jobs you’ve applied for.

I’d like to give you an edge, and help you anticipate and overcome the intimidating roadblocks when you’re trying to land a job, so you can stand out as the most profitable hire.

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Every one of the Q&A lessons in the Fearless Job Hunting books is based on a real obstacle encountered by a real person in the real world, told in their own words. I’ve answered over 30,000 such questions. The best Q&As made it into the Ask The Headhunter Newsletter. And now I’ve selected the toughest questions and my very best advice, expanded my answers, and added much more -- to create Fearless Job Hunting.

Millions of job applicants get rejected every day because winning a job isn’t as easy as posting your resume, filling out forms, and explaining where you see yourself in five years. The best way to stand out is to show an employer why you’re the profitable hire. You must be fearless about selecting and approaching the right employers, and about demonstrating your value.

If this were easy, everyone would be landing jobs. But they’re not. Contrary to what the job boards promise, job search isn’t an automated process where you file your keywords and a database delivers a job to you. Demonstrating how you will help a company be more successful is hard work -- but so is that great job you want. Long-time Ask The Headhunter Newsletter subscriber Ray Stoddard explains it like this:

"The great news about your recommendations is that they work. The good news for those of us who use them is that few people are really willing to implement what you recommend, giving those of us who do an edge."

As Ray suggests, success means doing the work to get the edge you need -- while others wait for the system to process them.

I’ve taught these obstacle-busting lessons to Executive MBA students at UCLA, Cornell, Harvard, Northwestern and other top schools, and to corporations, professional associations, career coaches, salespeople, IT professionals, college students and people in almost every line of work.

The roadblocks they face disappear when they learn how to stand out:

"It took me only three months to land my dream job. I'm 100% positive it was because I followed your Ask The Headhunter advice and 'did the job' in the interview. That simple maneuver set me apart from all the others vying for the job. Thank you, Nick. Being a member of this community has literally changed my life."  Elizabeth Weintraub

This isn’t rocket science. Once you get it, it’s obvious. Each of the Fearless Job Hunting lessons shows you how to overcome daunting obstacles that stop other job hunters dead in their tracks. Get the edge -- and say hello to total control over your job search.

Nick Corcodilos                      
Ask The Headhunter                      

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Notes from
fearless job hunters

I read your book, used your advice on my next interview, and got the job. Funny thing is, the manager that interviewed me read your book, too. I was prepared to “do the job” and she was asking me to “do the job.” At the end of the interview, the only thing left was getting the paperwork completed for my new position. Thanks a bunch!  Paul Frantz




I got a job because I follow your blog relentlessly and read your books. I interviewed Friday and got an offer the following Monday because I was ready to talk about the job and how I was going to solve their problems. I didn’t like the first offer so I countered. They came back today with the exact dollar amount I wanted.  Larry Leatherwood


How’d I get an offer so fast? According to my boss, it’s the first time he’s seen someone “solve a problem so effectively in the interview”—a technique I learned from Ask The Headhunter. Three months into my new job, I still can’t believe I’m getting paid for this. Thanks for your advice over the years!  Bill Blum




You’ve been my secret weapon in the jobs market for a long time now. I landed a
6-figure role by taking control of the interview and articulating a clear value proposition to the employer. Many thanks for opening my eyes to just how dysfunctional the conventional job hunting methods are.
Serchen Pillay

I got the job! I still don’t believe what I was able to accomplish with your guidance: I got a job in my target industry, in my target city, in my target role, at a high level and not an entry level. All of that despite the fact that I was moving to a city where I didn't know anyone, had little experience in that industry, and was unemployed for 10 months. My phone call with you was the best money I ever spent.  Jeremy Gorr


I am writing to thank you for writing and publishing the best career advice column that’s out there. You cut to the chase and say what others don’t have the guts to. I relied heavily on your guidance for a recent job search and, after a four month courtship, landed my dream job at an awesome company.  Christine Creager

After being laid off, I used your techniques to snag a great job at a higher salary and with better benefits than at the last position. And that was in a down market! One more thing: Because I “did the job in the interview,” the company created an extra position specifically for me.  Diana Ost



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