Are you experiencing problems with delivery of your Ask The Headhunter Newsletter subscription?

Our Newsletter is delivered via a third-party service that uses rigorous anti-spam measures to protect our subscribers. Nonetheless, sometimes our Newsletter will get blocked or tagged as spam by your ISP or e-mail client.

We’re sorry when that happens!

If you experience delivery problems, it may be for any of a number of reasons. Some newsletters never get delivered or “bounce back” for any of several reasons including:

  • Your e-mail box is full.
  • Your e-mail service provider blocks or filters the newsletter.

ISPs are always changing how they “filter” e-mails, and sometimes they get overly aggressive. The best thing you can do to ensure the Newsletter gets through is to “whitelist” it:

Please add to your contact list or to your “safe list” or “white list” on your e-mail platform. For help whitelisting our address with your e-mail client, please Google your e-mail client’s name +”whitelist.”


If you use Google’s G-mail, here’s what Google says about this:

“While G-mail works hard to deliver all legitimate mail to a user’s inbox, it’s possible that some legitimate messages may be marked as spam. G-mail does not accept ‘whitelisting’ requests from bulk senders, and we can’t guarantee that all of your messages will bypass our spam filters.”

Our delivery service works closely with the major mail services to ensure that our Newsletter is not blocked. But as Google points out, it doesn’t honor whitelisting requests from senders (that’s us). That’s why it’s important that you whitelist in your own G-mail settings.

Here’s one way to do it: How to whitelist an address in G-Mail.

We can help

Our Newsletter may get blocked due to any of a number of other factors we cannot control. To protect its servers from questionable e-mail addresses, our delivery service automatically suspends subscriptions if delivery repeatedly fails. Please set your filters to let the Newsletter through.

Unfortunately, we cannot control ISPs and e-mail services.

If the above suggestions don’t solve a delivery problem, we are glad to try to help you with your subscription. We can check our delivery logs to make sure the problem is not on our end. Please contact us here.

If nothing else works, our last suggestion is to try subscribing under a different e-mail address or e-mail service.

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