After several rounds of intense interviews, the company makes you an offer. Your efforts have paid off!


  • Is this a good opportunity for you?
  • Should you take the job?
  • How can you know whether it will all work out?

In evaluating the offer, you have considered the money they’re offering, the quality of the company and the job itself. It all seems okay to you. No problem. So, why do you still feel uncertain?

It’s the people, Stupid.

Few job candidates make the effort to find out whether the rest of the company can cut the mustard. Remember that no job is isolated. You can’t be successful merely by doing a good job at your job. Your success depends on the people and departments you interact with.

If you’re in sales, you depend on engineering to design the product, on manufacturing to produce it, on the quality assurance team to test it, on the shipping department to deliver it on time, and on the accounting department to collect payment from the customer.

Have you met, interviewed and assessed the efficacy of all those departments and people?

If you haven’t, there’s no way to tell whether “it will all work out.” To help ensure your own success, make sure you meet and talk with the key people and departments that you will interact with. Their work will affect the outcome of your work.

If you take the job, the money won’t make you successful, nor will the company’s reputation or your job description. It’s the people, Stupid. (No offense, eh?)

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